Senior School

Grade VIII to X

The senior block – Grades VIII to X –enrolls approximately 300 students. The students in this age group are in their formative years, laying the foundation for facing bigger challenges and real-life tests. Since its inception, Triyog has believed in the holistic development of students. Our rigorous Secondary Education Examination (SEE) preparatory curriculum provides students with the opportunity to achieve praiseworthy results. The curriculum combines compulsory and optional subjects, and prepares a student to take up the State Level board exam, the SEE.

Innovative methods are applied wherever possible in addition to the broad-based and time-tested traditional methods of teaching. The school curriculum integrates cognitive, working, solidarity and recreational activities. Core skills and values are infused throughout this period. Various co-curricular activities are given to students, widening their horizons. An exposure to an array of international, inter-school, and intra-school activities provide an opportunity for education through creative, cooperative, and productive work, adding to the capacity-building of the new generation. The School works closely with the local community for long-lasting and sustainable development activities.

These special activities include different types of community work, field trips, and excursions, which emphasize and promote critical inquiry besides giving the youngsters a firsthand experience of life.

A regular interaction with parents provides an opportunity to get feedback for constructive changes. Teenage turmoil can be best overcome with our counseling sessions that are provided to the students either on one-to-one basis, or in groups.

It is a matter of immense pride for us to see our ex-students accepted by renowned colleges and universities all over the world. They are carving a niche for themselves in their respective fields. Triyog is dedicated to give the best possible services to its students, community, and society, in the years to come, like it has done so far, and we remain true to our words.


Since we believe in result oriented practical ways of learning we provide several opportunities through field visits and seminars to our students. The main objective is to provide quality education at affordable costs and train the youths for making them capable to lead the society.

Triyog also offers scholarships to the outstanding students who meet criteria as specified by the school.