Computer Science & Programming

Now is the era of technology and science. One without technological knowledge becomes irrelevant in the present time. the need to be technologically aware can now even be considered a basic need of human beings. The computer science and programming club was too created with the same intentions, to make it’s members ever so technologically aware. The computer science and programming club has too been very active and has conducted 4 meetings so far with many more meetings and events planned for the near future. The first meeting was an introductory meeting that introduced the members to the club and it’s working mechanisms. In the second meeting, the president and the executive members taught the members of our club about the basics of programming, a Kahoot game was even held on the same topic so as to boost their understanding even so more. The three pillars of our club; Programming Pillar, Video Editing PIllar, and Logo Design Pillar too taught members under their respective pillars about the basics of the respective topics. In the third meeting, all of the members were introduced to HTML which they would later use for more projects in time. A Kahoot quiz was too held on the topic. The 4th meeting saw the members learn about a website named freeCodeCamp which would help in the overall understanding of coding making it much more easier and understandable. The members too showcased their personal projects.