Heart Health

About Us

The Health Club is one of the learning societies of Triyog High School. This club focuses on making students, teachers as well as many others aware about their health and also about ways to improve it.Initially established as the Heart Health Club it aimed to increase the awareness and improve the condition of heart health at school. In 2020, it was changed and renamed as the Health Club, so as to include all spheres of health.Primarily, this club aims to raise awareness among its members about improving health. We also hope to provide exposure to students interested in medicine and health.

To achieve the objective of this club, we regularly interact with actual health professionals who impart their knowledge with us. We also regularly hold events to raise awareness about pressing health matters.

During the COVID pandemic, we held an online interaction on the topic “COVID and its impacts” with Dr. Subash Pyakurel, the Founder/CEO of Health Concern, joined the members of the Health Club and informed them about the COVID-19 virus, its impacts, causes, precautionary measures and many other related information.

Similarly, we held a speech competition regarding mental health on the topic “Mental Health and Psychological Considerations during COVID” in December of 2020 keeping in mind the mental and psychological troubles that many people went through during the COVID pandemic. This event aimed to make people aware about the measures to be considered to keep safe from mental stress and troubles. In the competition, Aashna Hadkhale secured the first position, James Bhomi secured the second position and the third position was secured by Prija Shrestha. The competition was judged by judges Jigyasha Bajracharya, Dr. Bijaya Mishra, Cindy Bajracharya and Chandni Ghimire.

This year, on world hepatitis day, July 28, a student from middle school gave a speech about the same in the assembly.

Most recently, the club held a health survey of students and teachers in order to know  more about the health status of the school. The questionnaire included questions which helped participants reflect back on their health and health habits. The received data was compiled and will be sent to the participants.