Community Service

About Us

Triyog Social Service Club was established in 2008 AD with the motive of raising awareness among our school members about their social responsibilities and encouraging them to serve the community and support the underprivileged. Since then the club has been working actively and accomplishing success in programs that have been conducted in the past 13 years to provide and extend possible help to those who require it. The main motive of ‘Social Service Club’ is to make the students well informed about the lifestyle and social problems prevalent in their area and encourage them to implement solutions they have come up with. In the social service club, we believe that awareness is the door through which change enters.

Skills and abilities

  • Self-awareness: Social service clubs can accurately assess one’s feelings, interests, and values and maintain a sense of self-confidence.
  • Self-management: Setting personal and academic goals, personal interests and monitoring one’s progress toward achieving them. The ability to express emotions in a beneficial way.
  • Social awareness: Social service club aware people about the ongoing problems and crisis. It makes them aware about the donations. It helps to understand social and ethical norms for behavior, and to recognize family, school, and community resources and support.
  • Relationship skills: Social service club helps to establish and maintain healthy relationships based on collaboration resisting inappropriate social pressure and resolving social conflict.
  • Responsible decision making: Making decisions based on consideration of safety concerns, respect for others, and likely consequences of various actions; applying decision-making skills to academic and social situations; and contributing to the well-being of one’s school and community.


In March 2020, the members of the social service club also collected stationery donations from the students of the school. The stationers were later sent to Dhanusha district for underprivileged students and children through the SAATH organization. The stationery, money and clothes donations have been sent/ are being sent to the same district in the Terai region, Dhanushadham in collaboration with the SAATH organization. The organization is helping about 200 children by providing them with intellectual support and materials. In order to achieve the goal of the project, we are partnering with the organization and providing support to them.

In August 2020, the club also conducted a virtual interaction session with former Miss Nepal 2019, Miss Anuskha Shrestha with the motive of  ‘If you want to change the society, start with yourself’. During the session, she shared some experiences from her life and her journey as Miss Nepal.

Moreover, the social service club has also hosted a virtual literature competition for grades 6-10 in september 2020. The competition was divided into three categories i.e. Essay, Story and poem both nepali and english. The first position in the english poem category was secured by Pranish Pradhan, 2nd position was secured by Nihona Pradhan and Bhumigya Bajracharya and the third position was secured by Aashna Hadakhale. Similarly, in the English essay writing category, the first position was secured by Ashim Sthapit, 2nd by Anweet Ghimire and 3rd position was secured by Prija Shrestha. In the english story writing category, the 1st position holders were Neharika Poudel and Manasha Wagle, 2nd position was secured by Aastha Gurung and the third position holders were Aarya Poudel and Sairus Adhikari. In the nepali essay competition, the 1st position holder was Ashim Sthapit, the 2nd position was secured by  Bhumigya Bajracharya and the 3rd position was secured by Ishika Panta. Lastly, in the nepali poem category, Selina Pangeni holds the 1st position, in the second position Apekshya Dhital and the third position is secured by Sumit Situala. The judge for the English category was Mr Puskar Chaudhary and the nepali category was examined by Mr Bed Aryal.

Likewise,  December 2020, one of the initiations by the club was Winter clothing drive, in which we managed to distribute warm winter clothes to the unprivileged people of Nepal in collaboration with Hostel next door, Kupandol.

In August, 2021,  the Triyog Social Service Club organized a virtual interaction session with Child Workers in Nepal, CWIN. The guest was the senior program coordinator of the organization, Mr. Dhruba Gautam.  The one-hour session had a presence of about 90+ audience between the students of grades 4-10. It was a fruitful interaction where the guest explained about child rights, child labour, how CWIN serves and contributes to the society.

Similarly, in November , 2021 during the Parents Teacher meeting, the executive members of the Social Service Club collected money for donations from parents to buy winter clothes to send to a rural area of Terai region, Dhanushadham through an organization named “SAATH” .

In the last week of November, the club also collected winter clothes from the students of the school to donate it to underprivileged children of Dhanushadham district. The money which was collected on PTM day and the clothes will be used for the same event.

The Triyog Community Service Club has done so many till date and every year we continue our participation in the field of social service. We have seen people who say “सेवा नै धर्म हो ।”and we respect the same saying and do our work with full enthusiasm.