Photo and Journalism Club

About us

The Photo and Journalism club was established in 2016 . The Photo and Journalism Club aims at nurturing students’ analytical, creative and story-telling skills using photography as their story telling device. The club is responsible for documenting all the events of Triyog High School. Members of our club find opportunities to publish their works in the form of photographs or writings in the School website, School social media pages as well as other media outlets.The club has served to be a common platform for photojournalists to learn, share and explore photography and documenting skills. Being the only club of its nature in our school, it is determined to fulfill its objectives and its role in developing photo and journalism as a hobby and a profession alongside accurate representation of the events depicted by the photos in both content and tone.

The events hosted by our club from 2020 AD till date are mentioned below:

  • Photography Competition

OCTOBER 21 2020-NOVEMBER 20. 2020

This year we organized a virtual photography competition from October 21st to November 20th, during the Dashain and Tihar break, with various themes according to a particular category. For 4 and 5, the theme was “Worship”, for 6 to 7, it was “Light” and for senior school as well as teachers, the theme was “Celebrating the festival in new normal life”. The photography competition not only gave us an insight on the photography skills of the students and teachers but also reflected how people celebrated Dashain and Tihar during the time of pandemic adopting necessary safety measures. Here are some of the winning photos of the contest:

Interaction with Mr. Shishir Maharjan :September 19, 2020 During this tough time of Coronavirus pandemic, the club took a small step to fulfill its objective by organizing a virtual interaction session via zoom on September 19th, 2020 on the topic “being a photographer” with professional travel photographer Mr. Shishir Maharjan. in this session, the participants received professional guidance to improve their photography skills. He gave us valuable knowledge to click good photographs and a clear vision on why photography is important. He even showed us some of the photographs that he had clicked throughout his career. The session was aired live on the official Facebook page of Triyog High School. Interview with Sumi Paik:November 16, 2020 Sumi Paik is a Korean pianist and a music teacher. She is currently researching South Asian Music and plans to compile the results in the form of a book. The journalists of our club got a wonderful opportunity to interact with her and get to know her vision. Interaction session with Mrs. Susmita Maskey Niraula-: October 16. 2020

We all have passion which is difficult to attain but is extremely rewarding in the end, whether it be climbing mountains, skydiving, scuba diving, or even cooking. On October 16, 2020, Photo and Journalism Club provided an opportunity to interact with Mrs. Susmita Maskey Niraula, a professional mountaineer, a social activist, and a motivational speaker, who created history on December 6, 2014. She was the first Nepalese woman to conquer all the highest peaks in the seven continents, known as the ‘Seven Summits.’ She did find her passion, but to continue her passion, she had to overcome many hurdles. We had a conversation about following our passion but without forgetting about our academics – and she shared about her struggles following this advice herself. All those who attended this session were able to have a shift in their paradigms regarding their future paths. The session was aired live on the official Facebook page of Triyog High School. Photo Story Making Competition –  December 23 -December 24. 2020 Photo is a story conveyed via a stationary frame of image. The members of Photo and Journalism Club organized a photo story making competition where the participants wrote a story on the basis of a picture shown to them. This helped them to exercise their creativity and also make them realise to not just enjoy a photo but to understand the meaning behind it. Many enthusiastic participants took part in the event and Wrote beautiful creative stories. Photos were shown according to categories and some of the displayed photos are:

Poetry competition

March 9th, 2021: Writing poetry helps to express our grief, anger, happiness, sorrow or any kinds of emotions. The Photo and Journalism Club organised a Poetry Competition for grades 8 and 9 where they had to create a poem according to the given theme.

Fancy Garb competition August 13- August 20, 2021

The Photo and Journalism Club organized the ‘Fancy Garb Competition’ where the participants from grades 4 to 10 wore an attire according to the theme assigned to their respective category