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About Us

About 1 million animal and plant species are threatened with extinction. Animals and plants are disappearing at an alarming rate, due to a variety of issues, one of them being humans . Humans have been destroying the habitats of species and even affecting climate change resulting in deterioration of our environment . To make people aware about their actions and the consequences that come along with it and awaken its members about devastating effects of human actions on the environment and animals , Friends of the Zoo Club was established at Triyog High School in 2008 AD.

Activities Portfolio

The FoZ Club has been actively organizing events within the thes of environment , sustainability and animal extinction awareness. The club has organised the following event within the duration of 2020-21 :

The club had organised an Intra-school Weekend Photography Competition with a motive to appreciate nature starting from June, 19 2020 to June, 26 2020. The Theme of the competition was the “Beauty I See in Nature and Creatures around Me”.All the 22 entries in the competition were beautifully pictured and the judges were amazed by the photography skills of students. In grade 1 and 2 category, Sarthak Bikram Thapa secured the first position. Abhinabh Sharma secured the second and Rujoy Khanal secured third position. In grade 3 and 4 category, Ajil Man Shrestha received the first position. Sunivah Bajracharya secured the second position and Subhani Bantha Magar secured the third position. In grade 7 and 8 category, Prajil Basnet secured the first position. Bibhuti Shakya secured the second position and Subhashis Bantha Magar secured the third position. In grade 9 and 10 category, Rijan Gurung secured the First position. Suvanga Ghimire secured the second position and Malika Rana received the third position.

The club had organised a Talk Show On Red Pandas on September 19 , 2020 on the occasion of International Red Panda Day . The guest speaker Mr .Saroj Shrestha i.e Program Coordinator of Red Panda Network provided the audience with interesting information about Red Pandas and was continued with a presentation of the FoZ team which included interesting and informative facts and situations of Red Pandas in Nepal .

On 26th September 2020 i.e Saturday. The members of Friends of the Zoo organized a  “ Going Zero Waste  “ interaction with our guest speaker as Former Miss Nepal Earth 2019 ; Riya Basnet , where she enlightened the basics of waste segregation , solid waste management and explained the ways of practicing zero waste and 5 R’s on human life .

The Club  hosted and conferred TEDxTRIYOGHIGHSCHOOL | COUNTDOWN on 18th October 2020 . COUNTDOWN is a global online initiative which has brought environmentalists, economists and all passionate about the environment together to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action, sharing our own values and initiatives that make change, educating each other in these patterns. We based the entire program under this theme of “One Initiative to Save the Planet” . Through the event,we aimed to explore and understand local and regional initiatives, ask and answer questions which are all aiming to save the planet. Another objective was to create a space for dialogue where the organisations could meet representatives from similar backgrounds and thought processes, listen and know about the work they have done, and possibly collaborate for impact projects in the future. During the countdown, the club members and our speakers of  the event Avijit Sarkhel , Rachana Shah , Ritu Gurung ,Som GC ,Stuti Sharma ,Yogesh Bhattarai and BA Daneil talked about how to reduce carbon footprint. We realized how nature works and how it is healing itself during the lockdown because of the reduction in the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of us individuals. We also discussed about red pandas as well as other lesser known mammals and how various organizations have been working to protect them. The various workshops that were conducted for the protection and preservation of such mammals were also addressed during the discussion. We were informed about the various conservation projects of NTNC and Central Zoo and how it is helping in the protection of the environment. One of our speakers also stressed on  ‘Giving Back to the Environment’. During the analysis we discovered that our culture and tradition was interconnected with our environment. The importance of birds and their protection was also discussed. Recycling as an important environmental activity was another major focus. Our speakers explained about waste management and how important it is for the proper preservation of the environment. We learnt about how most of our waste ends up in landfill which is very bad for the environment. Not only did we understand the importance of waste management we also learnt about the ways we can truly manage waste without harming the soil quality.

On 5th June 2021 , the club organized a sharing session entitled “ How to Become a Citizen Scientist “ on the occasion of Environment Day with Guest Speaker Ms. Sanjeevani Yonzon Shrestha from WCN . Ms. Sanjeevani Yonzon Shrestha  explained ; the importance of letting ourselves out in nature . Many people suffer from biophobia due to minimal to no interaction with nature . She carried on to explain how Nepal has resulted in becoming one of the largest illegal animal trading hubs in the world . She proceeded to explain the importance of small species such as bees and bats which are pollinators of our nature and what are consequences upon their extinction .

On 12th August 2021, the club organized an interaction session entitled ” Why Chain Them?” on the occasion of World Elephant Day with Guest Speaker Ms. Shristi Singh Shrestha. The interaction highlighted the condition of elephants in Nepal. Ms. Shrestha discussed problems faced by elephants that are used in the tourism sector in the country, the often cruel measures adopted to train them from infancy, the neglect and trauma that elephants often go through that tourists and general public are usually unaware of when taking a ride, and why the system of elephant rides should be ended.