Gavel Club

Communication is an essential skill to express ideas clearly and effectively. Effective communication is paramount in every aspect of life, for building strong relationships, fostering collaboration, and achieving shared goals. Clear and open communication enhances understanding, promotes empathy, and helps resolve conflicts, creating a foundation of trust. Communication skills are indispensable for effective teamwork, leadership, and exchanging ideas, in professional life. 

Triyog Gavel Club which was established in 2020 is affiliated to Toastmasters International. It provides a Toastmasters experience to the enthusiastic group of students. The objective of conducting Gavel Club is to provide a supportive and structured environment for students to practice and enhance their public speaking, communication, and leadership abilities. The members can participate in various speaking roles, receive constructive feedback, and develop their confidence in public speaking. We use Toastmasters club meeting protocols, officer titles, and education manuals in our Gavel Club meetings. However, the club members are referred to as ‘Gaveliers’. 

At present more than 70 students are members of this club from Grades VI to X. The club conducts meetings regularly at least twice a month. An executive committee of seven experienced club members and a club moderator look after the club and run the activities smoothly.  All the direct roles of the meeting such as ah-counter, grammarian, timer, ballot counter, and other indirect roles are played by the club members themselves. The meeting features some prepared speeches of members and provides an impromptu speaking platform to all the participants of the meeting.