About Us

Makerspace is a workspace where people or students with common interests, innovative ideas related to computers, machining, technology, science, digital art, or electronic art, can meet, socialize, and collaborate and make stuff that may help the society or benefit it in various ways. We have been available to all the students who are interested in robotics, innovations etc. It has been and will still be providing students opportunities to participate in various competitions, summits, interaction sessions which may help the students to get basic knowledge about mechanics, electronics etc. Makerspace club was established in 2016 A.D. and from the date of its establishment it has been the only place that facilitates producers and inventors and will be the only place where you feel like you can make anything.

The members of makerspace club have been actively participating in several online events, competitions and has organized some interaction sessions.The club has organised and participated in  the following event and competitions within the duration of 2020-21:

Some of the members of the makerspace club had participated in the Global Young Science Summit. The summit provides a platform for conversations on science and research, technology innovation and society, and solutions to global challenges.

The club had organized an interaction session in 2020  with Mr. Bikash Gurung i.e. President of Robotics Association of Nepal. He provided the audience with interesting information about the Robotics Association of Nepal including interesting facts like it is the only national-level non-profit association that provides an outstanding platform for students and enthusiasts all over Nepal and its motive of establishment was to promote, educate, explore, and compete in the field of robotics.


The members of makerspace club participated in Global Young Science Summit 2021. It was the vision of inspiring young scientists to follow their dreams by bringing together promising scientists from around the world to learn from distinguished scientists, and from each other.

The FIRST Global Challenge is a yearly olympics-style robotics competition organized by the International first committee association. It promotes STEM education and careers for youth. Jibesh Shrestha, a student of class 10 got selected to participate in this challenge and it was a great opportunity for him to represent Triyog high school.