Junior School

Kindergarten to Grade III

Triyog’s Junior wing, with approximately 300 students, functions as a necessary educational extension of home learning. The teaching here is largely informal with suitable breaks for naps, snacks, and play for our tiny tots. Specially designed aids enhance the psycho-motor skills of children at school. 

Over the primary year schooling, we carefully guide our very young starters to shape their formative brains enabling them to become complete human beings. Our focus is on learning by doing, particularly through useful play and pleasurable activities. Incorporation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) creatively constitutes a vital aspect of Progressive Education. In this method of teaching-learning, students take an active role in learning, whereas the teachers act as facilitators in the learning process. Experts have specially trained Triyog’s team of teachers.

Students are provided with opportunities to learn through hands-on activities, group discussions, collaborative work, field trips, sharing their work with the class, and taking constructive opinions of peers. All this helps them to develop their problem solving, critical thinking and social skills. They are taught to link cross-curricular topics to understand the larger picture of their education. Thereafter, students showcase their learning acquired in field trips, class work, and homework during regularly held Project Days. Parents, guardians, and invitees from selected schools attend these important learning events.

The result of all this hard work of our team of dedicated teachers is evident predominantly in the students’ personal development and remarkable educational progress. They learn by doing, and by being actively involved in whatever they do. Notably, they greatly enjoy their learning experience, and that is why their understanding and retention of different subject matter is exceptional. Their language ability improves remarkably, and they get to converse fluently and accurately in diverse situations – academic, personal, and social. This impacts their writing as well, enhancing and enriching their written assignments. As they grow up with us, our students become responsive, sensitive, and empathetic. Above all, Triyog students exude self-confidence.