Middle School

Grades VI to VIII

The middle wing comprises of approximately 350 students. At this level, we encourage our students to explore their hidden talents by exposing them to many co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. They have an option of choosing from a wide-range of Extra Curricular Activities to pursue and hone their interests, and to develop self-confidence by participating in various intra- and inter-school competitions.

We not only promote competition but also collaboration among students, which develops team spirit and strengthens unity. Putting exhibits on display boards, preparing charts for classroom decoration, or presenting reports of field visits and projects by groups in the Assembly,are some examples of their competitive or collaborative efforts.

We have been endlessly guiding every student and providing them exposure to build a strong foundation by fostering academic excellence, essential both inside and outside the classroom. Accordingly, we invite experts and professionals to our school, and take students for outdoor learning. Further, we offer counselling classes to nurture good habits, and yoga to help schoolchildren develop concentration and patience that are needed to master any subject of study. All such exposure supports experiential learning.

Considering their future learning and other needs, we focus on values that are needed for their adulthood, offer technology that will help them become professionals, and integrate their lessons to make them understand the interdependent and multi-disciplinary aspects of education, and modern life.

We also conduct frequent interactions with parents and provide relevant feedback about the progress of their children, and invite them to visit our classrooms on specified occasions.Parents or guardians who are experts in their own fields are especially welcomed, to share their knowledge and skills with the students.

At the end of this level, the students take the Basic Education Examination (BEE) conducted and administered by the Local Government (Municipality)as a compulsory ladder for their secondary education. Consequently, we emphasize thorough preparation in Grade VIII for this vital examination.