About us

The Readers’ Club is one of the learning societies formed to focus on reading and literature . It was formed to stimulate students through activities related to reading and literature and improve their skills associated with the same fields and beyond. The club strives to develop a habit of studying and soliciting one’s curious desires , organizing competitions for students to challenge themselves and also develop critical thinking , communication skills , creativity and collaboration. Likewise , it also focuses on improving the understanding of its members in various fields of literature.

The Readers’ club has been conducting various activities for students to encourage them in literature and other aspects of a reading community. It has been organizing activities such as Book of the month, Book exhibition , Book Review Competition, Book Mark Designing , Book donations and Visit Library in the past years. Similarly, it has planned to organize more discussions, interactions and various projects in topics surrounding the lines of literature to give more exposure to the students.

Speaking of the benefits, students can improve their conceptualizing skills along with profound knowledge and keen authorization. It also helps them to express their feelings in passionate and tense phrases. Being a member of the readers club will help you to express such canny, penetrating deep passion, thought and opinion inside you.

In the year 2020, the club organized a “Summary Telling Competition” in which the participants had to summarize their favourite book by speaking about it and sending the video recorded. It was organized for grades 4 to 10 from September 1 to 5 . The competition was held to build a love for reading and sharing among the students, alongside a sense of healthy competition.

From January 22 to 26 in the year 2021, the club organized “Nepali Read Aloud Competition” for the students of grades 4-5 with the objective of enhancing the students’ knowledge on Nepali vocabulary and pronunciation. Although it was supposed to take place online , due to school re-opening , the competition continued in a physical setup .


When the club started formally again from the month of June, 2021 , it hosted an online meeting where it introduced its new members to the club. The executive committee had organized a small talk with the interested participants. They were discerned about various aspects of the Readers club, its programs, competitions and objectives.

One of the major events that the Readers’ club has organized in the year 2021 is the “Story Weaving Competition” on September 4, 2021. The main objective of this competition was to develop one’s creativity and to improve their coherence and  cohesive skills along with enhancing their critical thinking . We had a wonderful conduction of this competition in which the participants were to write a suitable story from the hints or guidelines given to them in an online platform. They were authorized to embrace the hints they acquired by adding them to their plot and certainly by adding their own creativity . As the competition happened on the spot , in a virtual meeting , they were given some time to think about the selection of hints and use them in their story. The students were divided into 3 categories according to their classes. 6 as one category, 7&8 as another category and 9&10 as the last category for the contest.