Games & Sports

The Games Classes are an opportunity for students to experiment with different games and sports activities, and refine their sporting skills, both in indoor and outdoor games, under the aegis of highly qualified and experienced coaches. The Sports Department of the School is well equipped to engage students in different sports activities. In order to encourage the all-round development of the young people as well as nurture the quality of discipline in them, the School allocates one Games Class and two Extra-curricular Activity Classes per week for all Grades.

We offer several games & sports such as basketball, football, badminton, judo, cricket, table tennis, and chess, which are supervised and monitored by renowned coaches. Triyog boasts of a badminton court, basketball court, cricket pitch, table tennis arena, and football ground for its students. Students are encouraged to share ideas and discuss techniques with peers or coaches. Students use their ECA Classes to hone their skills in the games or sports of their choice, and to acquire the strategic and technical know how.

Our top-class coaches regularly evaluate each participant and identify those with outstanding talent to train them accordingly. Special arrangements are made upon the recommendation of the Head of the Sports Department, or for members who are part of the School Teams. Apart from the ongoing engagement, we provide a host of action-filled intra-school opportunities, and encourage participation in inter-school competitions, by means of which the students can test, improve, and master their skills. Well-acclaimed and prominent sports personalities are also invited to the School periodically for interactive sessions that invariably train and inspire the school children involved.