Student Support Cell

Student Support Cell

March 21, 2022

The Student Support Cell at Triyog is designed to help students, teachers, and parents navigate the complex world that we live in.

For students this is a support portal where they can discuss and seek solutions to their academic, behavioral, and social problems, matters they do not generally discuss with their teachers or parents. 

For teachers that are good in education and content delivery, continual discussions on psycho-social parameters, and relevant training will enable them to deal with student issues in a much more competent manner, keeping in mind the behavioral needs of students.

For parents, that often lack time and proper resources or strategies in dealing with children that are a generation ahead of them, the Support Cell will provide counseling services and other resources necessary to cope with increasing demands of growing adolescents and young adults.

We sincerely hope that this system will enhance our value offering to students, teachers, and parents bringing a much needed holistic angle to our educational value proposition.